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Our Journey

We started with a humble beginning. Our Founder, Intan Ilyani Ghazali, left the corporate world of 15 years to pursue her passion in skin’s health and wellness using premium botanical extracts in all Face & Co products. Combined with her experience as Certified Brand Image Consultant, Intan also spreads the importance of inner beauty. That beautiful soul creates beautiful you, that kindness and courage lead to a more beautiful life.


The pandemic Covid-19 affected each and every one of us in so many ways. Despite the virus outbreak, life must go on. That is how Face & Co came up with the #INEEDYOU campaign. To be more understanding and emphatic towards society, especially those who are struggling in this challenging times. #INEEDYOU as much as you need me. We need each other. That’s for sure.


We believe men & women use skincare products differently. We are the brand that brings the right solution to the greatest skin experience.


To be the leading men & women skincare brand that is known for its quality, safety, natural & halal.


Our goal is to create the awareness of self-care in men & women and ensuring that Face & Co is one of their household brands.

Our Belief

We believe in the STRENGTH of embracing the real you, that the POWER to real change begins when you are confident in your own skin. We realise the potential that every individual can offer when there are acceptance and pure love for oneself. Our products highlight the best version of you – we beautify the outer you by enhancing your natural beauty.


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